Self-Evaluation EXERCISE 3: Matlab files for using the GUI

This is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the student to use it as a self-evaluation tool. The user can evaluate the modelling skills acquired in this course by running a series of simulations with varying initial conditions and parameters and analysing the outputs. The model marine animal on this GUI is the abalone and the disease can be the Withering Syndrome (WS), which is a fatal disease of abalone caused by a Rickettsiales-like organism (WS-RLO).

The steps to use this GUI are the following: (1) Download this two files (Abalone1.m and Abalone1.fig) in a folder of your computer, (2) Set this folder as the 'current folder' in MATALB, (3) Type Abalone1 on the command window to open the GUI,  (4) Once in the GUI, set/change initial conditions and parameter values and select Figures to show, (5) solve the model by clicking on SOLVE, (6) Analyse and interpret the simulations' outputs.