Activity #1:
Collect different examples on the customer card service from several (2 or 3) retailers and recall on them with regard to the information that they demand. These retailers can be from fashion&cloting, petrol stations, perfume shops, etc.

Activity #2:
Look and find a case on a sales representative's report, what sorts of information (s)he must complete to the marketing/sales managers from her/his firm.

Activity #3:
Look up in the Internet about social, political or marketing research studies conducted or paid by institutions, organizations or (public or private) agents, that seem to lobby for an idea or cause. Suggestion: use the keywords "lobby research", "marketing" "public relations"
Ex.: the wine industry, the coffee industry... It could also deal on election polls and how newspapers broadcast them.

Look up in the Internet for marketing&Social research firms specilized on selling databases of consumers, segmented accorging to any criteria, be it life-styles, socio-demographic, geographic or psychographic data. For example, one of the most widely known is the VALS classification system. Go to:

Activity #5:
Watch the video of the interview to Eli Pariser, and answer the following questions:
Video on information filtering on the Internet (Eli Pariser)


1).- What marketing tasks can social network administrators do with the information they gather from us?

2).- Can you define the term confirmation bias?

3).- Can you enumerate what potential threats there are for citizens in terms of consumption phenomena? And in terms of being informed? And finally, in terms of spilling out personal information?

4).- Finally, what’s your opinion on this issue? Does this video change your point of view? Are you going to be more conscious with your personal data from now on?

Activity #6:
Look and find examples of poorly prepared questions, whether it is because of lack of neutrality, simple problems in their writing, or their inadecuacy for the type of data-gathering process.

Activity #7:
Look in the internet, the press and in textbooks for PICTOGRAMS applied to cases of marketing research, and show them to the class. You should bring at least 3 illustrations

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